UF Quarter Scale Tractor Team Update

January 2012 - We are finally building!  After a long and relaxing Christmas break we are back in Gainesville and have been hard at work.  Over break, we received a donated transaxle, Cub Cadet 106, and steel channel.  We also lost one of our team members to work Co-op, but we are very happy, and we learned that our engine is going to cost us twice as much.  But on a better note we have gained four very enthusiastic new members.  We have set up shop in the Ag Shop on the southwest side of campus and welcome any sponsors that would like to come visit us.  Just contact me (Sarah Luther) at 719-357-1630 and we will set it up.

We are planning a very simple design and begun our ideas into the free copy of SolidWorks we received for participating in the competition.  We are going to be doing a lot of sanding to shine up all the really good old parts we’ve gotten and hope to have a rolling chassis in the next couple weeks.  We are making our parts list for specific items and are working on raising funds to get all of these things.  As you can see we are working very hard and cannot wait to have a running tractor that we are testing.  We truly appreciate all of your support and cannot thank you enough.

Sarah Luther
UF Quarter Scale Team Captain